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How To Hide Files & Photos From Your Android Device 2021 | Revadvert

How To Hide Files & Photos From Your Android Device 2021 | Revadvert


1: How to hide files and photos from your Android device

1. Go to Settings > General > Hidden Files and Photos

Now that you know how to hide files and photos, go to Settings and find the Hidden Files and Photos option. Here you’ll find the usual file manager and photo viewer. Now you’re ready to hide files and photos.

2. Disable Secure folder or file encryption

Hide files and photos from Android can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, especially if you want to keep your data secure. Unfortunately, there is no option to allow for file encryption to hide files and photos from the view of everyone. However, there is an option to keep certain data away from anyone except you.

Most storage solutions will require you to set an encryption password for every storage account.

What is confidentiality


  1. How to use it
  2. Proper usage of confidentiality
  3. What it does
  4. How to create it
  5. How to hide files and photos from your Android device

This article is about how to hide files and photos from your Android device. You may think of it as a fail safe, so if anything bad happens to your Android device, the deleted files and photos are hidden from being accessed. It is a basic tip which you can easily follow to make sure your confidential information is safe.

To hide files and photos from your Android device, you need to know how confidentiality works. This means it’s not actually possible to view files and photos you’ve hidden from the phone. It is just there until the user decides to share it. And it’s not impossible that your confidential information is stolen, but it’s very unlikely.


Confidentiality is the ability to make another party (in this case, your phone) not be able to see or access a file, file type, etc. on your device. When you type in “contacts” in the Android dialer or email application and select the option to copy the contacts, the sender won’t be able to read that file. Similarly, when you edit a picture on your computer, you can’t paste it into Gmail or edit the other person’s information in it. Privacy is about having control over the things you do. As you’ll see, confidentiality can be accomplished on your Android device through a variety of actions you can take in app, and even on the outside of your device.

Why do we need to protect confidential information?

Do you store your private contacts and messages on your device, what if somebody found this? Or how about your credit card numbers or bank accounts. You probably think about security more now.

There is one major security issue on Android devices, and that is that every application can see everything that you do. While it’s okay that your communication applications do access your contacts, if it sees everything that you do it’s a problem. But you don’t have to do it yourself, you can keep your most important private files and photos hidden from other applications.


The answer is simple. There are many who have confidential information that they need to hide from others. Most of them are employees, some are business owners and others are students. The point is, by having a phone that is private, you are able to have complete control over the content on it.

What can we hide?

In order to hide certain files and photos from others, they must be under hidden folders in your phone. What this means is that people cannot access these folders using standard file management tools.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

File Management

This is a must-have if you want to have total control over your device. You can hide files under custom apps called “Folder Lockers.

The best ways to hide files and photos on your Android device


Android users have a tendency to fill their Android devices with as much personal data as possible. The more data you put on a device, the more available for others to look at. You don’t need to worry because all of your photos and files are backed up with Google Photos, but if you would rather have those back-ups visible only to yourself, you can do so by enabling private photo storage, making a new photo gallery, or using a file manager app.

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of some space on your Android device’s storage, you might’ve looked around for various ways to do it. While there are some good ones out there, most of the time you end up just deleting your photos and files. That’s fine for a temporary solution, but once you’ve done that you have to start the process all over again. There’s an easier way, though: Hide Files & Photos.

Let’s check out what this means and why you’d want to use it. First, it’s important to know that this process isn’t meant to completely delete your device. Instead, it’s meant to make it so that there’s a temporary space that users can access, and then they’ll be able to delete their files and photos from there.

Private Photo Storage

Every Android device comes with a default photo app installed on it, which comes with plenty of great features. Some of the most popular photo apps available are Google Photos, Sony’s AOSP, and CM Lens.



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