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How To Make Games: The Easiest Way To Create And Share Your Own Games! By Revadvert

How To Make Games: The Easiest Way To Create And Share Your Own Games! By Revadvert



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The idea of game development or the creation of a video game has been around since the 1940s. The term “game” was coined in the early 1950s by John B. Williams, Jr. while working at university with his professor, Robert E. Laughlin, Jr. to refer to any hand-held object that captures a person’s imagination and provides an “experiential challenge.”

Despite the availability of the word, the actual creation of a game was a time consuming process, which required the manual input of code (as opposed to automated programming) and therefore was quite costly. Also, not only was it a complicated task, the cost and availability of computers restricted the production of any and all video games.

What Is a Game?


Ever wondered what a game is? Game developers and the games industry would probably look at you as if you had a steak growing from the top of your head, but for those of you that are a little smarter than that – well, I am going to give you a little history lesson in the field of games development.

The question you are probably asking yourself right now is “Why would I want to make a game?” If you are interested in video games for fun, then maybe that is a good enough reason, but if you are interested in making money from it and putting it to good use then it might be worth considering what you are doing.

As a video games developer, you need to know the basics of game development. The tools and processes involved will vary from one game to the next.


Basic Concepts in Programming and Game Design


This is by no means an extensive list of all the answers and information about programming and game design. If you are unfamiliar with the domain, it might be hard to comprehend some of the terms that you are reading. This section is not meant to be a ‘how to’ guide to programming, but rather a collection of useful and interesting information that can inspire you, and assist you when you go in search of your own answers.


Why Create A Game?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. When I tell people that I make games, they are always amazed. To them, it seems like an impossible feat. Why? The simple answer is: because people don’t like to make games. We’re kind of lazy as a species and even though there’s some truth to this, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And that’s why I think games are awesome. They’re difficult to make because there are a lot of elements to consider and things to code. We get this from being developers in the industry, but you can make games by yourself and turn it into something beautiful, without ever having to pay a developer. You can also self-publish it, making it available for anyone to download, play and share on the web.


So you’ve decided that you want to create a game? Well then you should definitely take a look at this post on How To Make Games. This article aims to show you how to create a game. If you want to create a fun and enjoyable game then you should definitely take a look at the guide above.

Although you’re at a beginner level and your game isn’t going to be the best in the world, creating a game is a way to learn as much as you can. Even if you want to learn how to make games then this is the best way to do it. This will teach you how to market your game and how to submit it to sites like Steam Greenlight and the like.

If you’ve started and just want to get straight to the games, then check out the below video:

How to Make a Game [Game Creation Process]


This is a long one (yeah, like most of my articles are) but after having been through the entire process multiple times, I thought I should write a post that would help out a lot of indie game developers. A lot of times I have seen (and been through) people creating their own game projects, and as a developer it always seems to make sense to take a break from your regularly-scheduled game projects, and devote yourself full-time to a game idea that isn’t yet completely developed.


Here at How to Make Games, we have collected all the best tutorials to make a game. If you’re a self-taught game developer and you’re just like us, then this resource is perfect for you! You can learn everything from scratch and create your own games!

You have to watch these tutorials to create your own game.

Download free game templates from the above tutorial! You can download 10 free game templates from here.



Making a 3D game is actually way harder than just making a 2D one, but we made this learning guide for you so that you can get a job as a game developer if you put all the tools together.

Sharing Your Games

Although it was launched two years ago, Google Game Closure has now reached its 1.0 version and still provides developers with all the tools to create game like environment without having to be a professional programmer. The app allows you to not only use its open source editors like GSL and Draw+Script and graphical tools like MapKit, but also features two game creation methods.

The first of these is in the form of Game Maker and is something that has been available for a while. This enables developers to create their own game in almost any way they want, from creating their own story to implementing 3D gameplay, and save it to a project like Game Maker’s Studio.


So you decided to follow through with the game development life, and you are pretty good with making games and implementing basic coding, you probably want to publish your game on multiple stores, and try to make some money out of it. The first step to do that is getting started with a good programming language, and to learn how to make an entire game with it. The best of all languages right now for this purpose is Lua.

LUA can be a difficult programming language to learn if you’re new to it. And the main reason for that is the learning curve. And so if you’re a rookie, and want to get up to speed and start making games you will definitely have a hard time getting started. But luckily the entire process of getting started is quite simple and has only 5 steps.

I have been working for 10 years now on my own personal projects, some of which have been “published” on YouTube and a couple of times on Steam (which doesn’t seem to matter much).

I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way and one of those lessons is making a game. I used to have a team of people and I spent time making decisions for them. I don’t think that anyone is wrong for doing that and I believe that at the very least you learn from their mistakes, but I can’t imagine any employee of a large company going on a big project of their own with the same mindset had. If they’re going to trust you with a lot of their hard-earned money, it’s probably better to put some of that trust in the hands of someone else.



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